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Calm before the Storm in Business Sales in Adelaide Business sellers should “brace themselves for a traditional flurry of activity, immediately following the Xmas break” says Brian Sander, Manager of Benchmark Business Brokers Adelaide Office. Drawing on his 30+ years of experience, Brian says that if you are thinking of selling a business in Adelaide, there will traditionally be a strong upturn in buyer activity in the January/February period. As the largest Business Broking Company in Australia, with five offices across the country, Brian says:....
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Did you know that Benchmark sells hundreds of businesses every year? As a result we have accumulated a lot of historical sales data on business transactions Australia wide. Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations has many specialty divisions including Supermarket Sales, Childcare Sales, Hospitality Sales, Hair and Beauty Sales any many more. Our Business Brokers in Adelaide have extensive experience in their sectors. After many years in selling businesses – there aren’t many challenges that we haven’t seen or overcome before. So when you want to sell....
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Ready to buy a Business? Buying a Business is one of the most significant financial & lifestyle decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. From figuring out pricing to why you should choose a certain type of Business, there are many factors to consider before you purchase a business. Out of all the questions we have when buying a business, one stands out. “How to Spot a Good Business?” Here are few tips we hope can help you in making the right choice. Use a trusted Business Broker: We all know that  Business Brokers  get a cut of the sales price....
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NO AGENT-NO FEE VERSUS “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” Time and time again I see (or hear) of business owners that are trying to sell their business – to save on fees. A business is not like a house or car sale, there is so much more to understand, not just about the business but the market, possibly legislation changes, the methodology to prepare the sale price. What disturbs me is the impact on the business that directly effects the business owner whilst they’re dealing with buyer enquiries. I have seen it many times where the revenue has dropped....
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    Supermarket Sales Australia is the division of Benchmark Business Sales specialising in the sale of Supermarkets and Convenience Stores across Australia. Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations was founded in 1999. Today, Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations is one of Australia’s largest and most progressive specialist business brokerages, with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. “If it has anything to do with the supermarket and convenience store industry, we are here to help you find exactly what....
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    Some owners of small businesses are tempted to minimise taxation by not putting all income into the bank, or “through the books”. Many years ago this was thought to be a clever way to run a business, and enjoy a little “spending money” – and reduce tax. Not now. Today, it is simply more efficient, and straightforward to  declare all income , and present a set of clean, transparent accounts to a buyer. Apart from avoiding prosecution, it is a fact that if you want to  get the best possible price for your business , there....
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Kiss …. And Just Do It !!!!   Our business plan for 2017 is… “Kiss… and just do it!” Ours is a simple problem-solving business matching owners wanting to sell their business and buyers who want sound investments. And keeping it simple (Stupid) is our plan for 2017.   What Business Sellers should be aware of: 70% of business buyers are first-time business owners and for most it is a major investment decision. Only a small percentage are truly entrepreneurial. For the remainder security and employment will be important ownership....
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Buying a Franchise – Boon or Bane? Buying a Franchise – Boon or Bane? Taking the first steps towards buying your own business is a big step by itself, but then comes various questions Which? What? When? Where? Relating to the business you want to start. Let’s see about Franchise Business model for your new business in this blog. When you start a business you have to learn new laws and ways of doing business depending on the sector, it may be difficult and some give up even doing business because of many obstacles which come in their way. Boon? The franchisor will provide you with a system....
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